Students of KUL associate in numerous student organisations. Their activity enriches the University’s cultural life:



Choir of KUL - its repertoire includes great oratorical and cantata forms and vocal as well as vocal and instrumental compositions created by Polish and foreign composers since renaissance until modern times. Each year it gives several dozen of concerts in many cities in Poland and abroad.
Contact: Al. Racławickie 14, 20-950 Lublin; Phone +48 81/ 445 41 06; e-mail: chor_kul [at], ciesz [at]

University Chaplaincy Choir of KUL - the choir enriches with its singing numerous celebrations of liturgical period. The repertoire covers all the following: modern compositions as well as  those dating back to renaissance, baroque, classicism and romanticism, canons from Taizé, African music and negro spiritual.

Groups of the Institute of Musicology at KUL:

- Schola Gregoriana
- Cantores Ecclesiae Choir
- Instrumental group

These groups reflect the specificity of musicological studies at KUL: the combination of theory and musical practice; they guarantee a regular direct contact with music performance, which especially refers to religious music, diversified as far as genre, style and time of composition are concerned: from the Gregorian chorale to the music of the 20th century.  They facilitate the cognition of its spirituality and aesthetics.





Scena Plastyczna KUL (Artistic Stage of KUL): Leszek Mądzik, author’s theatre, which was born out of the interest in the possibilities that art, space and light may give. Mądzik mainly deals with philosophical issues such as human existence on the Earth as well as  in the space of the Universe and human’s relations with supernatural forces: God, fate and destiny.
Contact: Al. Racławickie 14, 20-950 Lublin; Phone +48 81/ 445 45 02; scena [at]


ITP Theatre - a students’ group putting on stage musicals of their own authorship. The most frequent motifs are connected with the matter of making choices, with continuous vigilance and opening for the divine activity in everyday life. The group often takes inspiration from the great works of the world’s literature, re-discovered and adapted in an original manner.

Enigmatic Student Theatre - its repertoire constitutes plays of distinguished Polish and foreign playwrights.


B. Słomka Gallery 1 and Gallery of Artistic Stage of KUL cooperate with numerous artists while preparing the cyclic vernissages which present new currents in modern art. Thematic photo exhibitions are also organised by Terra Photo Agency, whereas films are screened by Academic Film Studio.



What is more, the greatest cultural student festival called KULturalia is held annually at KUL. It is organised by Student Self-Government of KUL  whereas the Academic Youth Forum is prepared by University Chaplaincy.
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